Make-Up Atelier Paris in Ireland

Make-up Atelier

is a professional line of cosmetics that are exported and used globally by professional makeup artists. Atelier is distributed under licenses by companies in: France, Australia, Ireland, The West Indies, Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, Greece, Israel, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Malaysia, North Africa, Russia, Taiwan, Spain and Switzerland among other countries.

Hélène Quille

is the creator and designer, she develops new colours, textures and innovative new types of products to keep line the edge of fashion.

Helen Quille was born in Nancy, France in 1961, studied cosmetology in a beauty school with a specialization in theatre and special effects. She moved to the capital of fashion and beauty at age 20 where she enrolled in a makeup course, fashion school in the popularity of Jean-Pierre Fleuriom makeup.

Helen has been a consultant to the lines as Clarins, Sephora, Poudres Leclercs, Yves Rocher. Before establishing Make-Up Atelier, Quill worked as a teacher in different schools of makeup.

It also has an impressive career as a makeup artist for television, film, theatre and fashion. Worked with famous French actors as Catherine Deneuve and Jacques Weber, and also worked on numerous television programs.

The secret of success is that Make-up A offers a wide range with high quality products in durable packaging, new style at affordable prices. Basis for fine-textured makeup, pigments for strong shadows and blushes, and make-up Long-term will not run, this cosmetic is ideal for professional and personal use.

Atelier is a brand-ethnic and has great pride in providing a wide range of products for women of all shades and colours. Including more than 50 shades of makeup and 20 shades of concealer and translucent powder, Make-Up A is one of the few brands offering professional bases hues equally to African-American, Asian and Hispanic. Handling and manufacturing its own laboratory, Atelier provides an advantage when it comes to innovate and respond to the latest fashion in the market. Almost all cosmetic lines give permission for their production a few factories, mainly in Italy and the United States, which give massive cloud to the market. "That's why you find the same products and colours on different lines, are not specific or unique, "says Quille. "Our laboratory is continually working to increase the variety, quality and implementation of our products. "One of the successes was the creation Atelier Palette Five Colours for eyes, lips and Correction in 1991. This concept was duplicated by factories worldwide cosmetics.

Since 1986, Atelier International de maquillage has been the reference in the field of training professional make up artists. We now offer short and long training courses. Our training programs include the most modern techniques and will provide you with the capabilities to work in all areas of professional make-up. We have a wide range of professional courses available: Complete course (9 month), Beauty Fashion & TV (4 month), Special Effects (6 month) all this courses available in Paris only, for more information contact